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Why listen to me?

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur for as long as I’ve been, is that I have seen every mistake—either because I made them myself in my own business, or I’ve seen others make them!

For years my women's clothing online business, Back From Bali never made it past the six-figure mark.  I wasted a lot of time before I stopped making many of these mistakes.

Now I have a multiple seven-figure business and my passion is helping other women entrepreneurs achieve the money and freedom they desire.

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Leslie Kuster Consulting: Create A 7 Figure Business

Why Women Entrepreneurs Love Leslie

Tanya H

Coaching with Leslie has been tremendous for my business. After working with Leslie for just one month, we zeroed in on the mindset shifts that I needed to make. By month two, I had crystal clear clarity on the direction I needed to take to experience the growth that had been eluding me. I’ve talked to many professionals in the ecommerce space, but Leslie is the only one that completely understood my issues and her advice has been spot on. After each call, I come away feeling empowered and excited about the possibilities.

Tanya H


Mary Jackson

Leslie showed me how to reimagine my business but most importantly her questions caused  a mind shift for me-a new way to approach not only business but my personal life.
I loved her presentations because they were inspiring but Leslie also gave us real action plans and steps to follow to help us achieve our authentic success.

Mary Jackson

Marina Yacht Realty

Heather Holden Garcia

I have been questioning my future for quite some time now.  In just a matter of weeks, working with Leslie helped me to gain perspective, get inspired and make a plan to move forward.  The combination of her kindness, endless positivity and engaged support are unmatched.

Heather Holden Garcia

Professional Musician