Are You Missing Opportunities?

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Are You Missing Opportunities?

Life has a way of getting in the way of good opportunities! Our expectations, our daily routine, our life’s demands all work together so we miss things when they flow into our life. I believe very strongly that we are getting signs all the time. What directions we should be going into, businesses we should be going into, homes we should be moving to, jobs we should be taking, and relationships we want to engage with. We do get these signs but we don't always recognize them and we especially avoid acting on them. I want to tell you a story of how I screwed up an opportunity.

An Upgrade I Literally Refused to Take

Recently my husband and I went to Zermatt, the most beautiful ski resort in the world. We’d booked a hotel that we were both looking forward to going to because we’d been there four years ago. As we were getting close to the hotel, we called them to say we're arriving on the train. They responded by telling us we didn’t have a reservation! Even though I knew we’d made one months before.

We still traveled to the hotel to try to work things out and when we got there, they told us they’d booked us into another hotel for the night. At the time, we were both angry and disappointed. It was our special anniversary weekend and now our plans had been up-ended. We trudged off to the new hotel.

When we got there, I was amazed to find a stunning two-bedroom apartment with an entire view of the Matterhorn, the gorgeous mountain in Switzerland. The other apartment had a gorgeous view of Zermatt, a black leather couch and really cool decoration everywhere. We were like, wow, this is so great. We had a lovely evening there!

So, the next day arrived and (not even noticing the opportunity put in front of us), we packed up our things and went to the original room we’d booked. It was a tiny, one-room hotel room which was actually more expensive than the huge apartment we’d just left! It didn't even dawn on me until a few days later of that missed opportunity.

Pay Attention to What’s Around You

I’ve carried the lesson with me and now I’m noticing opportunity everywhere! We have possibilities thrown into our faces all the time. But we either don't notice them because they're subtle or because we are so locked in our heads the way my husband and I were. But we are so set in our ways or our plan for the day, the week, the year, that we don't notice unique chances for change, growth, or experience.

Practice noticing! Take some time on your daily routine to really look around and digest the experiences you have in front of you. I think you’ll not only find more enjoyment in life but you’ll also find new business opportunities.

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Who is Leslie Kuster?

I became a 7-figure woman entrepreneur in my 50s -- with my successful Back from Bali clothing brand! It took some getting real with myself to finally say, “Damn it, I want money!” Now I am here to ignite women entrepreneurs -- like you -- to experience the empowerment, independence and joy of creating a business that brings you both money and freedom. Read more about my story here.


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