How to Get Back on Track and Find Peace

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How to Get Back on Track and Find Peace

The world is a crazy place. This will we all know. And we also know we can’t control that big, wide world but we can create our inner world that we live within and that we can control. Within our own environment and our own thoughts, we can control our responses to what's going on out there. This article will focus on creating an inner peace for yourself and offer insight on how that will transform your business world too.

You Need a Vacation

For years I taught young girls empowerment techniques and we often talked about a “vacation from the mind”. It’s such a wonderful phrase to use because it perfectly explains the power we all have to take a vacation from our mind. To step away from all the stuff that's going on around us, all the pressures we feel from the outside world and, instead, create a precious space within our own world.

This precious space can be created in lots of different ways. And meditation is the best gateway to living in that world long enough to get mental health benefits. Most of us already meditate (or know that we should meditate!) but it often gets lost in the shuffle. So how can you start or return to a meditative practice?

Finding Peace in Everyday Life

You know I like to schedule things and meditation is as important to you as anything else on your schedule! So, get out that planner and put a window of at least 15 minutes in (first thing in the morning is best because it sets your intention and your state of being for the day). Sit somewhere that’s quiet and comfortable. Try getting out in nature or make it easy and just sit up in bed, focus on your breath, and let your mind empty. When you feel your mind wander back to the stressful things, just focus again on your breath – inhaling and exhaling slowly. Be aware of how your body feels after these intentional breaths – you will feel a kind of magical, vibrational energy that comes around you. You will feel a shift that brings a sense of peace.

Of course, a vacation from the mind can be going outside as well. It's so beautiful to go into nature to look at the trees and the sky and to inhale that sweet, fresh air that has been given to us. Because this vacation from the mind state is not something you need to work on. The vacation from the mind state is just something you need to uncover to get to it. I think this is so incredibly important to remember: as human beings, our natural state is peace, our natural state is joy, and our natural state is playing.

You already are peaceful. 

You are already calm. 

You are already connected. 

You are already all of those things.

You don't need to learn it, get it, or change it. It's much more about uncovering layers, uncovering things, getting rid of the things, so that you can get to something inside yourself. Which is you. This is why after you've been on vacation for a while, you start to feel like yourself again. We all say, "Oh my God, I took some time off. I feel like myself again." Because vacation-you is who you are! The only job you have is to make sure you spend time each day getting to who you truly are. And the way to do that is through a vacation, a vacation from the mind through meditation, through breath, through connecting with nature. By doing something that brings you back to who you really are.

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