How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As humans, we try to stay as comfortable as possible. And the issue of comfort often is also associated with safety: in health, relationships, finances, and in the future. When one of these areas starts to feel uncertain, we begin to feel unsafe and uncomfortable. We can also feel unsafe when we’re experiencing something outside of our familiar comfort zone such as public speaking or learning a new skill. 

This article will talk about why it’s important to let yourself be a little uncomfortable because that’s how we grow.

Growth Isn’t Comfortable!

I’ve been in that place before. Things were going smoothly, nothing big was happening, everything seemed to be ticking along. I was really comfortable for the last few years and it made me feel like I didn’t need to change anything or do anything more. 

That's the trouble with comfort. It lulls you into being willing to accept things you don’t even like that much! Just like being at a job that you hate (but with a comfortable, steady paycheck), you’re willing to stay because you're quite comfortable. Maybe it's not what you want to be doing, but it’s “easier” than going through the discomfort of change. 

If you’re running your own business, you can see this happening too. Maybe you’ve stopped stretching, maybe you’ve stopped pushing yourself to grow because everything seems to be comfortably flowing along. But in that space, you’re not stirred to do anything new or different or have creative ideas.

This is the blessing of being uncomfortable. Sometimes we’re pushed into it such as when a relationship ends or outside forces affect your business. Sometimes we just know deep down that we could be doing more and that feeling grows enough that we are finally uncomfortable enough to notice it and make a difference. And almost always the other side of that comfort zone is something so much better!! 

Creativity Blooms When You Stretch

That other side is a place of creativity. Being uncomfortable is where you have to look at something differently which spurs new ideas, you see the world in a new way, and move your business in new directions. I’ve felt this in my business – I’ve never put a lot of effort into my customer email list because I didn't need to. I was comfortable with what I had. But once the pandemic hit and my business shifted, I really needed a new way to reach my customers. So, I reactivated that list. I was hesitant because I hadn’t reached out through email in a long time and it made me uncomfortable to jump into it.

But my customers responded so kindly, it reenergized me and has given me so many new creative ideas. It made me dive into what my true values are with my business, Back from Bali. It reminded me of what my business is truly about, what my philosophy is. It gave me fresh eyes on my website, how I’ve been telling my story, and how I engage with my customers. I pushed myself through and out of my comfort zone and my business is so much better because of it.

The Cascade Effect of Change

But it didn’t stop there. These results pushed me into looking at everything else around me with new vision. I found other creative ideas to do more projects. I renewed business relationships and started new ventures that I’d left sitting. That is what discomfort did for me. What can it do for you?

Think about your comfort zones and what you perceive as causing discomfort. Where are you uncomfortable and what can you do with it now (that you would never have done if you weren't where you are now). This is the blessing of this time and this is the opportunity that we have right now.

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