Seven Self-Sabotaging Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make

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Seven Self-Sabotaging Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make

Have you ever heard the phrase, “sometimes you just need to get out of your own way”? Often as solopreneurs, we can be our Number One roadblock to success! This is almost always never a conscious choice and, once we recognize these sneaky bad business habits, they’re easy to correct. This article will identify them, explain how I’ve overcome them in my own business, and give you tips to deal with self-sabotage in yours.

#1 Self Doubt and Not Believing You Can Actually Do It

This can cover so many areas of your life and it shows up in not believing: that you actually can have a multiple six- or seven-figure business; or that you can work from a vacation resort; or that you can create as much money as you want to create; or that you can really create the life of your dreams. That is why working with our mindset, with our beliefs about ourselves, and with our sabotaging stories is probably one of the most important things you can do to ensure success in your life. 

#2 Exhaustion from Taking on Too Much

This happens to all women – we are trying to juggle it all: business, home, family, hobbies, philanthropy. Focus is incredibly important in building any business and when you’re juggling it all and exhausted, you can’t be focused on this difficult, demanding task. So, if you have a business and you also have all these other responsibilities, it’s time to delegate! If you have a partner, it’s time to have a big talk with that person and find ways to share the workload. (This can actually be a great relationship builder because you’re both working toward the same goal of financial independence.) 

#3 Neglecting “Empty Time” for Yourself

If you can relate to #2, this one likely also applies to you. Empty time for you is just that – it’s not scheduled with to-do tasks or deadlines. It’s free time that helps you recharge. It’s time just for you, time to connect with your spirit, your heart, with your inner self for guidance, to get intuition and connection. There is no doubt in my mind that in order to be successful in business you actually have to stop doing business at times. 

#4 Feeling Isolated and Alone

As a woman entrepreneur, you are usually working alone. You most likely are by yourself or at least when in your office you’re all by yourself. This sense of isolation is super common for entrepreneurs which is why it is so important to join online groups, to join online masterminds, and to go to online or in-person summits. You’ll find a like-minded community of people going through the same things you are. And you’ll develop a network of people you can turn to when you need support.

#5 Assuming You Can Figure It All Out on Your Own

Let me make it really easy for you, you can’t. You cannot figure it all out on your own! You cannot be an expert in every field. That’s why I’ve always relied on a network of professionals to help me in the areas I’m not well-versed in. I have a really strong philosophy when it comes to hiring consultants, mentors, coaches, whatever you want to call them and my philosophy goes like this: I only hire people who are where I want to be and were where I am now. I still hire other people to teach me, to mentor me, to help me, to guide me, because I want to learn and I want to grow. 

#6 Ignoring the Financial Side of the Business

You must admit to yourself right now: you are in the money business. If your business is not making money, you are running a hobby and hobbies are not our path to financial freedom. Becoming a successful entrepreneur means embracing money, loving money, and understanding your business from a financial point of view. You must get comfortable with (and learn to enjoy) the logistics of money: working with spreadsheets, hiring accountants and bookkeepers, dealing with numbers, understanding trends, and knowing important financial terms and expectations. Remember Money Is Fun! As a woman entrepreneur, you are sabotaging yourself when you say things like “I’m not a money person or a numbers person”. If you want to be a successful woman entrepreneur, you must be a money person. 

#7 Stopping Too Soon

Many women just simply quit too soon and give up before seeing results that are likely just around the corner. When you’re starting a new business, it is very possible that you will do a tremendous amount of work in the beginning and see absolutely no results at first. You start to think you should give up. It’s very frustrating when you’re working really hard and you still don’t see results. You’re not making the money you want to be making and you begin to wonder if this business will ever be successful and if you should continue to pour time into it.

I have been there! Several years ago, I was thinking my business wasn’t really working and maybe it was time for me to give up. This image came to mind then and I still think of it today: think of an old-fashioned water pump. Think of how that works: you keep pumping the handle but no water comes out at first. You may even start to work up a sweat, pumping that handle, and still no water comes out. But the water is there and all your hard work has moved it up the spout and it will eventually start to trickle out. With one more pump of the handle, it will gush out! But if you stop early, you’ll never get a drop. 

Business is like this! You need to trust that even though you don’t see the results of your hard work, they will show up if you just keep going. The money will flow, the business will flow, and everything you want will come to you. Just don’t give up too soon!

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