The Surprise Bonus When You Hire a Coach

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The Surprise Bonus When You Hire a Coach

As many of you know, my book is coming out soon and my number three lesson is called “Being a Ferocious Learner”. Part of being a ferocious learner is getting somebody to guide you and hiring somebody to teach you. You have to admit that you don’t know it all and seek out the people who have that piece of knowledge you need. You don’t know what you’re missing, you don’t know what it is that you need to change or update to grow your business. You need a coach! It really is the fastest way to achieve success in any business. 

A coach not only helps you find those answers but you also get a bonus community of women entrepreneurs just like you! This article will talk about the many benefits that come from being in this network.

The Value of Connections and Community

Of course, your coach will help you find the answers but one extra benefit that’s rarely talked about is the connections you make when you enter the world of your coach! She has built an active network that she’ll share with you. You’ll be welcomed in to an online community with group meetings where you can all share, learn, and grow. 

She’ll host workshops that bring you together for teaching but also give you really valuable social time and community building. I’ve attended numerous in-person workshops that stretched over a couple of days and so much work gets done outside of the scheduled sessions! We spent time together, shared meals, and exchanged life experiences with other women entrepreneurs. We all learned, grew, and left feeling so empowered and connected to women we knew would help us through our business journey.

What happens in these places – either online or in person – is you meet other women entrepreneurs who’ve done what you’re trying to do. Or at least have done a part of it such as marketing a book or building a brand. And they’re willing to share their experience and be a sounding board for you when you start a similar project.

Building a Network that Helps you Grow

As I’ve been writing my book and revisiting my business journey, I can see how my community has inspired me to take my new direction into consulting. From running a business to writing a book, you need collaboration to succeed. And the collaboration you find with these women is the single most powerful thing you need to level up your business. Over time, this network will be the first place you’ll go before you start new projects. Whether it’s your own book, workshop, business, or entrepreneur venture, you’ll go to them for advice, support, and eventually promotion. When you have an authentic network of friends, they’re happy to promote your next project with their networks. And you’ll do the same for them!

Once you’re tapped into a good network, the sky is the limit. Seriously! For example, if you know Oprah would like your course or your book, you can get to her through the other women in your network. You don’t need a direct connection to all the big influencers, you just need your own connected network.

Find the Right Network by Finding the Right Coach

I've always said the way to find the right coach for yourself is to hire someone who is where you want to be and perhaps was where you are now. You don't want to hire someone who hasn’t had that experience in exactly what you're doing (or want to do). For example, one of my many consultants is Lisa Suttora. She was very successful in eCommerce and she’d had the success I was looking for. I’m still working with her today. Once I got into Lisa’s world, my circle expanded and I met other really cool people who are doing similar things that I was doing. And many of these women are now my good friends.

These relationships are invaluable when you start your next project. You’ll know women who’ve done the thing. They’ve written books, started course, put together workshops, built businesses. And they’re happy to help you. With this network you really have a head start.

This is where I began when I started planning my book launch. I wrote up a list of which women in my life I could reach out to for an endorsement. What astonished me was how all the women on my list came from one or two mentors or consultants that I've hired or been to their events. I realized I met all of them through Ali Brown and Dr. Claire Zammit. At the time as I attended events and worked with these groups, I didn't realize what a robust network of smart women I was building. But now as I’ve needed to reach out to seven figure women with businesses, that's who I wanted to help endorse my book.

This is why it’s so important for you to not work in your own little bubble and try to figure everything out yourself. Because once you hire a person, go to their courses, and join their online communities, their world opens up to you.

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Who is Leslie Kuster?

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